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Avoid eye contact if all possible! Don't let anyone GET to your head!

I understand that you didn't want to get boxed out of your turnoff, but since you were traveling at the speeds you stated; a little later might have been better.

You mentioned seeing this guy in your mirror leaving the group behind, and closing very fast. Upon THAT detection, I would have immediately changed to the right lane; let him blow by, and you still would have had time to re-enter the left lane.

Thereby no fracus would have happened at all! No exchanges, nor you getting upset!

When you find a wild tiger, don't aggravate it further. The guy might have gone postal, and starting ramming you in the rear.

If he would have arrived JUST before your turnoff, I might have faked a tourist needs map time, and turned off on the left shoulder if there was an adequate one.

When they are that intense; totally ignoring ANY thing they do, or doing all you can
to get RID of them seems to be a safer way to go.

Happy you did get the satisfaction of seeing them pulled over.

Since you shared this with all of us, and maybe expected comments; we ALL can learn to handle a situation better the next time IF we can keep those emotions in check!

If we are turtles; we come with shells!!!
SLOW DOWN AND SMOOTH UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![SIGPIC]
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