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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Cool beans. I admire your "Just do it-" ness.
Thanks! The thing is, I've had the materials lying around for at least 2 months... I COULD have done it earlier. I wasn't sure exactly how to do it though as I tossed things around in my head, and kept putting off going to the hardware store to get the washers and screws.
Looking forward to your driving impressions.
So do I. They do increase the looks your car gets, I can tell you that now, just from the one test drive I had with one side done.

The turns aren't very noticeable resistance wise, no noise from them rubbing. I think having one side only made some oscillations that made the undertray more noisy. Will have to try with them both like that.
Any plans for a coastdown A-B-A?
I had a feeling you'd say that. I'll do another coastdown test, but I don't have the motivation to unscrew everything and screw it on again as an ABA test requires. That's something I'll do if/when I go into commercial modification manufacturing. At this point, it's basically a proof of concept that the sum of my vehicle modifications provide a tangible benefit to drag coefficient. And a cheaper way to get to work. And the feeling that I'm not wearing out my poor engine wasting fuel just to push air out of the way for nothing (other than to look like every other lemming out there driving a car standard as produced by a factory). And the knowledge that I've taken a $3500 AUD car and achieved a better Cd and CdA than pretty much any modern production car, with about $200 worth of materials.
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