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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Exactly! What sort of idiots design exits on the left? I know most Americans are too dumb and/or inconsiderate to have mastered the "slower traffic keep right" thing, but still, traffic engineers ought to know better.

PS: I know, "ought to". As if there weren't dozens of entrance & exit ramps around here that are banked the wrong way. And the 300 ft high bridge build in an area that regularly sees 80+ mph crosswinds...
While I could not agree with this sentiment more, we could all waste the rest of our lives trying to get those in charge to actually fix everything wrong with roads. My first priority would be a ditch that is 6 inches from the pavement, with large mature trees a couple of feet past that ditch., but then isn't that the topic of a separate thread.

While we are at it, just eliminate all intersections, make everything one way, and grade the elevation changes so we can all hypermile along to perfection without our speed changing and subjecting ourselves to those sucky increases in aero drag.

LOL post 2001, I guess this is my space odyssey.