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Originally Posted by ebacherville View Post
Also look up curb weights of the car your looking at usually the older the lighter the car.. depends on what your going for.. also I don't know if your stuck on a CRX, but another contender when I was looking for a donor car for my areo mods projects was the Mazda MX3, its areo is pretty sweet to start out.. probably better than the CRX. CRx tapers to fast on the rear and is very boxy up front.. but that an be changed if your up for it
From what I've been able to find, the MK1s came in at around 1815-1936 lbs, and the MK2s came in at around 1980-2222 lbs. Pretty sure the HFs were lighter

I've thought about the MX3, I really like the way they look, but the I4 models are pretty hard to find, they weigh 2400 lbs, and the mileage posted on for MX-3's is nowhere near the CRX's.

PS I'm still not getting my notifications. Can anyone help?
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