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Originally Posted by Shepherd777 View Post
The low clearance and front overhang is definitely a concern. This vehicle will be used to document the aerodynamic concepts. I just have to be careful with that clearance. You definitely could not give the keys of this truck to an average or below average driver, and expect him or her to not bust it up. In a perfect world, with a lot of cash and a little engineering, the whole front end would be ground effect dynamic. High when slow, and low when at highway speed.
Id hate to barge in on the thread or anything(respectful newbie here), but boy do i love editing pics for an example.. so ill just throw them in the attached section? Maybe this has been thought of already?, but if not. May give others and yourself somewhere to brainstorm along

1)) A small section of nose piece(this area, looks to me as an additional extending piece from stock dimensions)
...Could be attached to a rail/guide system. Driven by a window actuation motor/electric actuator? controlled by a rocker switch somewhere in your cabin. By which, shortening your distance to the wheel and decreasing your approach angle for uneven surfaces.

2)) A much larger piece(the entire nose)
Again... With same rail/guide system^^
This time, Eliminating all hanging objects in front of the wheel for additional clearance.


3)) A large piece(just like #2) or however large piece you'd prefer...
Using a simple Top mounted Pivot Point to the front.(Inspired by large cargo planes opening from the front)
Again operated with the same drive system idea above.

(#2 & #3 may be a bit overkill, but would be nice just encase for that extra clearance when IF needed)

Not perfect by any means, fabrication would be involved. just some ideas. I'd hate for you to alter that nose in any way, its awesome the way it is.
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