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Originally Posted by Jake940T View Post
I own a 1995 Volvo 940 turbo wagon, and when I first got it a year ago I was averaging 8mpg (3.4km/L) pure city driving. I changed my driving habits and now I usually maintain 15mpg (6.4km/L), almost double but not quite good enough.
You've almost halved your fuel consumption.
That's a lot already.
Then again, even 15 mpg when driven more considerately is still low for that kind of car.

If you do lots of miles, you might consider replacing it with a new or new-to-you car that burns a lot less fuel.
If you get something that does 30mpg or more, the economics can quickly work in your favor, despite the initial outlay.

So, I'm here to learn clever ways to improve my mileage, particularly through aerodynamics because the car has a .33cd and I'm going to be doing a lot of highway driving soon. Where to begin?
It's not only the aerodynamics - 0.33 actually ain't too bad for a wagon, mine is 10 years younger but not that much more aerodynamic (0.31 or 0.32 IIRC).

Driving on the highway should automatically improve upon your usual cold / short trip mileage.

Keep your speed a bit lower - like 60 mph or even below if you don't do so already.
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