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Thanks to all.

To sgtlethargic and fb_bf: I posted the same message on the DIY site, and sure enough gottdi responded. If interested, go here:
Newbie saying HI from Savannah, GA - DIY Electric Car Forums

To Ryland: I'm planning on asking if I could charge at work (I don't think it's possible). I'd still be cutting it close, though... with about a 27 mile one-way trip to work. Gottdi mentioned that using lead-acid batteries in real world driving could maybe get me a 25 mile range.

From what I've seen on, most people with a 144V system or less, using lead-acid, get the lower 25 - 35 mile range... but a few guys claim 60 miles or more. I find the significant difference very interesting!

It seems that I must choose to deal with the ~30 mile if I stay with the lead-acid batteries. OR wait until next year to go lithium. If I do the former, the car will be used mainly to run to the grocery store, church, friend's house, and to drive the kids around locally. Not bad, but a little bummed about not being able to drive to work. If I go with lithium, then it would be more practical. I just don't have the cash right now. How much would I be looking at for a 144V lithium system, anyway?

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