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Found out the hard way...

I learned today at the age of 30 mind you that I'm allergic to walnuts. I learned this the hard way.

I decided as a kid that I didn't like them so I never ate any. Always made banana bread with out, never ate them from mixed nuts. I stayed picky my whole life. Today at work, trying to eat better I thought a banana nut muffin would be a better alternative. The one I bought in the cafeteria was loaded with them. A few minutes after break I was sitting at my desk, my mouth was numb and tingly, and had a bit of a dull pain, My mouth felt like it was about half it's normal size, it was hard to breathe and my heart was pounding.

Quick trip to sit in the er's waiting room for about an hour, had some blood drawn answered a bunch of questions and learned that I now need to avoid them like death itself. Good thing I still don't like them very much.

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