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Those batteries are very good if you use the car every day and charge but
Use it or Loose it.

I strongly recommend you DO NOT drive the car when you get it home!

Buy a $3 DVM at harbor freight.

Check the batteries with the DVM, if they are more than about .2 volts off from each other fully charge each battery with a normal 12v battery charger.

Then drive the car "lightly" under a half mile or so and check the batteries, if any are significantly off from the others it is best to go home then discharge and recharge that battery about 10 times (discharge to about 11.8 volts then recharge), a 12v light will work (or if you monitor the battery you can slowly drive it down), you discharge/recharge repeat.

Over time that battery should come back strong, if not you can pull the caps with a razor blade and add a tablespoon of battery acid or distilled water to each cell. If you want to get real techical you could check the intercell voltage.

The batteries as I can attest are very long lived if you take care of them, do not overdischarge, overcharge or let them set.

Good Luck
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