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The options are way too extreme. When done safely, I have no problem with lane splitting. In fact, when I'm in crawling traffic, I move over when I see a bike in my mirrors.

But I live in a land where there are a dozen bikes to every car, and lanes are just a smidge over seven feet wide. Everyone splits. It's chaos. Come up to an intersection and if you're first at the lights, you'll find twenty bikes slotted in line in front of you before it turns green. It turns into a bottleneck as not all bike riders have 600ccs of rip-snorting power under them.

And lastly, it's a matter of safety. As a road user, you have to ensure that people know you're there. If your vehicle is positioned where other road users don't expect it to be, and where others can't see you (that line between lanes is a blind spot in the mirrors), then you're in danger from people who don't have the presence of mind to map out where other road users are before merging or pulling out.

Best case scenario, I think, is a dedicated motorbike lane, but that might not work for you guys over there, where the bike:car ratio is more towards the car side.
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