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When we took the empty trailer to the Louisville show last month, the fuel gauge was dead-nuts at 1/2 a tank, which is exactly 150 gallons. It cost $1300 to fill this thing up by the way, so I don't want to hear anyone with an SUV whining about a $75 fill up. By the time we got to the show 858 miles later, the gauge was still 2 widths of the needle above 1/4 tank. If one assumes we used 70 gallons of fuel to go 858 miles, we got 12.2 MPG.

Awesome!! Just hitting double digit at slow speed bobtailing was impressive enough. But with a trailer . . . . !!

On the job I tend to drive 300-miles/day at a rate of about $270/fuel. A truly long day can see a $640 fillup.

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