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Can you do some ABA testing to determine how much 250lbs difference makes? Or add another 100 to test 350 lbs.

It is not a wash going up and down, you don't recover the lost efficiency of the engine from going uphill, and if you have to brake going downhill it is worse.

Originally Posted by JethroBodine View Post
In my opinion, don't worry about weight, concentrate on aero. I live in hilly country( Vermont) and use the hills to my advantage. With an added passenger( my son who weighs 260 lbs plus), I see little overall difference in mileage, more going uphill, longer coasts going downhill, pretty much a wash.
I know that the MKI and MKII are a bit different, but there are a lot of similarities.

I would suggest an upper grill block, full belly pan, and, if you really want to get wild, put a tail on that wabbit.

If you have the 4 speed, your top gear ratio is the same as my 5 speed with my re-geared 5th. If you have a 5 speed, there are options for re-gearing 5th here that might benefit you.

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