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Opinion about car purchase sought! (To teach students manual shift driving)

My question in theory: IF; I were to find a manual shift car that was specifically purchased mainly for the purpose of teaching people how to shift;
what should that car be?

I am referring to STUDENTS already licensed with automatics.

I was thinking on the lines of a fairly inexpensive '80's something. It would be nice if it was a car like a Geo Metro, as it would return mpg's for advanced mileage tutoring, but I've heard some talk of those transmissions
being soft. (not long lasting)

Think of a car that has raw crude newbies grunching the gears, and torturing
the clutch, hrs. a day, maybe 4-5 days a week!

Maybe 1 car would not fit both duties well. 1 car for advanced mileage tutoring; another just for the shifting torture???

If the shift class car is one purpose; longevity under torture would be much more important than getting great mpg's. I am talking about a small business budget to start such a setup.

I would not want to be replacing clutches all the time! I mentioned
'80's as bottom of the price/depreciation cycle, a throw away car ( if push came to shove) and the size of a car that most people could associate
with these days.

A full sized Ford PU from the 60's, 70's meant pretty much as a parking
lot mule 1st, then a car to gradually move people up to handle San Francisco type hills?

If you were starting this w YOUR hard earned money; WHAT would
be the best selection/s to choose?????????????????????????

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