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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
Those batteries are very good if you use the car every day and charge but
Use it or Loose it.

Thanks Ryan, I'll do that first. Did you ever have any luck with a transmission upgrade, or anything to get to 35 or so mph?
Thanks again
Your car likely has the larger motor (8hp 72v style). Though the small motor also came in a 72v variety (5hp)

If you have the less efficient but larger motor (bigger than 6.5" diameter) your best bet is simple field reduction combined with 60psi in the tires, take care not to overdue field reduction because there are NO PARTS AVAILABLE FOR THE MOTOR. I learned that the hard way and ended up with a $500 bill for blasted brushes, springs and holders due to lack of communication and a fabrication fee

Nothing like turning a $30 job into a $500 job!

In any event I located a $500 car that had everything I would have needed for the conversion but now that its my fathers car he was not real interested because he wants to push the gas pedal in neutral and thinks he would blow the motor inadvertantly. He also likes the fact that although slow our car is very efficient pulling about 144wthr per mile when it isn't driven in intense wind or hills. Faster efficiency drops

I guess the xmsn swap is relatively easy, just find a Daihatsu charade and swap.

You should be able to get roughly 50-55mph out of the car after that swap with no other changes. If you do it make sure you also install an antique 300-600amp ammeter to make sure you aren't zorching anything.

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