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Originally Posted by basjoos View Post
The coroplast double side skirts on my car are designed to flex independently of each other when they encounter a speed bump or high curb and it doesn't damage them a bit when they do scrape. When I designed and installed them, I deliberately made them too long and painted them black. After driving around for a few days, I could see where the paint was abraded off by pavement encounters. Those wear marks served as a guide as I trimmed them down to where they only made occasional contact with the road. Now 6 years and 180,000 miles later, they show no abrasion loss from the occasional scrapes accumulated along the way.

You'll need to keep a coat of paint on any coroplast that is exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise the sunlight's UV will cause the coroplast to become brittle and crack within 2 to 3 years.
Thanks. There's really just one speed bump I'm concerned about. I actually parked over it and measured the clearance before making the skirts. I think it should just barely clear if I go over it really slow. I will stop over it and see how close the skirts are.

I never even thought about sun damage, I just didn't want 7" wide white bands under the car.
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