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pulse and guide question - acceleration and hills

i have a 2010 toyota 4runner V6 (auto) and i'm just starting to try P&G. i have a scangauge in there as well. my main concerns are:

1. accelerating - should i slowly get up to speed i want to go, and then P&G? or go a little faster, still smooth, and then P&G? the truck has a little green eco light, and i usually try to keep the green light on as much as possible, but i'm beginning to think i should just go faster (over 2,000 rpm) and get up to speed and then P&G.

also, when pulsing, how fast should i go? again i try to keep the green light on.

2. can you P&G on hills? i don't have really steep hills, but i do have some longer hills on my daily drive. can you P&G up a hill? let's say i'm trying to get to 50 mph, i gotta get up to speed before gliding, so i gotta get to 55 mph and then glide, and then repeat at 45 mph?

sorry for all the questions, but on my ride to work this morning i got 23.7 by driving like grandma. i tried P&G on my way back and got 24.3. i really think i could have gotten the same by just driving like grandma again to be honest, as i think i normally get better mpg on the way home.

thanks in advance

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