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Hi,Here's about my car...

I drive a 1998 Sunfire 2.2L 5 speed base model with 257 XXX KM but still very peppy.

Full synthetic motor oil (Penzoil) and tranny fluid (Royal Purple).
K&N high flow air filter and I did the muffler intake mod.
Vibrant stainless steel high flow cat back exhaust.

I do the main maintenance myself from liquid replacement to brakes/suspension ,metal fabrication and body work.

I can do 500km (city) per tank of gas and 600km highway.

I can trust my mechanic and he don't overcharge.

1) I would do a 5th gear swap if possible.while in there put in a lighter flywheel and a ceramic clutch
2) I would like to build a ram air intake system.
3) Maybe add some curves to front fenders and relocate gas door/inlet

I saw a difference with the muffler intake gone, paired with the high flow air filter

I shaved the replacement passenger door and would do drivers side,but got to get some remote controlled actuators to open doors.

BTW: All cars should have shaved doors from the factory ,no key holes to get raped by a flat head screwdriver and a sleeker look...

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