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Thanks for the continued feedback.

Here's the latest on my side... I spoke with my son and wife (it was actually my son's idea to take the EV conversion project on), and we decided to wait to save money for Lithium batteries. The more I read, the more I become convinced that going this route would make the vehicle more practical (and valuable, as fb_bf mentioned) in the long run.

About the donor car... good and not-so-good news. I live in a non-environmentally-friendly area, where giant, gas-guzzling trucks dominate. Walking, biking, and even less EVs are not very popular. Trying to find someone locally willing to sell an abandoned project would be a waste of time (I guess I never considered having one trucked from elsewhere). Anyway, it's too late... now the for good news.

I did find a donor car. A 1973 Karmen Ghia, in surprisingly good shape. The previous owner was going to do a full restoration on it, but changed his mind (he now wants a new Porsche). He claims to have bought it for $4,500 - but the important part is that I got it for $1,500. Not bad, I think, considering that it's in good condition. Also, almost EVERYTHING is removed from the car: engine, transmission, full interior, wiring, lights, etc. That's good and bad. On one hand, he did a lot of hard work for me. On the other hand, he went a little overboard for what I meant to do (perform the conversion). Still, the nice thing is that I can build and install my own wire harness, check for rust, etc., etc. So, more work than I originally anticipated, but my son and I talked it over before buying it, and we're committed now.

So we have plenty of work to keep us busy in the meantime, giving us time to save for the Lithium batteries.

By the way, Cd, I did follow that link and they have some awesome concept cars. Good inspiration.
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