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Originally Posted by ace0snipe View Post
Thanks for all the replies and info

So I've been playing with this all weekend and here's a few things I've noticed:

1. It certainly gives me numbers that make me happy (4L/100KM highway).
2. The accelerator is less effective at accelerating.
3. EOC is hard between stop signs that are close together
4. Don't use the short trip guage because sometimes Ultraguage will turn off
5. People really are not nice...

Going from 60KM/h to 80KM/h (35-50MPH):
- - - in 5th goes from 1500RPM --> 2100RPM
- - - in 4th goes from 1800RPM --> 2500RPM
and neither give me 80% load when flooring it, is this normal? I'm usually around 65-75% load. also is pushing the throttle farther worse for fuel consumption if it doesn't change engine load by that much?
I would use 5th gear for that 35-50 mph pulse. That rpm range is just about perfect. It matches what I've found to be best in my car.

You don't want to be flooring it. Most cars will go to a default extra-rich mix and waste fuel in that case. Maybe your car reports load differently than others. Try looking at the MAP gauge instead, and aim for 12-13 psi for an equivalent pulse rate.

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