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Originally Posted by nickdigger View Post
yep. the MFA signal. 99+ don't have it? Mine didn't have the wire either, but i added it to the harness, and now i'm getting it from the ecu. Isn't there a thread on here about someone's 2001? Maybe that's the one that devolved into speculation of using the Lift Sensor, or this or that other signal.
Okay, so the car may not have the wire at pin 9, but does the ecu of my 2001 jetta tdi still output the MFA signal to pin 9 of the ecu?

It may sound like i'm asking the same question twice, but I just want to clarify. Because as I understand it, the ecu outputs this MFA signal on pin 9, then that goes to another pin (I believe 26) on the gauge cluster harness of some cars.

If its as easy as getting an extra harness pin, putting it into the wire harness and running my own wire to my mpguino then THAT IS EASY. And i'll be a happy ecomodder.

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