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I'm a long commuter. My previous job was 67 miles EACH WAY, with a travel time of ~110 minutes. I was spending just under 4 hours a day in the car.

I've got a new job now, that's 53 miles away, but the commute time is only 65 minutes. I don't feel stressed about the commute at all. I'll get there when I get there, I leave enough time to do so without rushing, and there's always room to pass.

My gasoline cost per mile is between 6 and 7 cents. If maintenance were to be included, I'd be looking at about 13 to 15 cents per mile.

Our mortgage PLUS insurance PLUS taxes is $546 per month. If we moved, the cheapest we could realistically find to replace our house with is probably in the $700-$800/month range. Also, we'd lose closeness to friends/family, which would mean we'd end up driving more and probably needing paid babysitters more (we often 'kid swap' - we'll watch theirs one day if they'll watch ours another; it's a great free system).

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