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1) Driving costs $0.51/mile. It doesn't. Especially to an eco-modder. My car gets relatively poor mileage compared to many on this forum (~32 MPG), and its cost of ownership is well under $0.15/mile. If I paid for maintenance, this would surely increase, but would not even be close to $0.51/mile.

Actually the per-mile cost is likely higher. Much higher. You are confusing fuel cost with the greater "ownership cost": purchase price, finance charge, depreciation, tawes, insurance, registration, etc. Fuel cost is less than half, on average.

The way this is figured is car-centric. Pointed out above is the need for a house with a garage (land & building) thus a greater mortgage, insurance and upkeep on that structure. Which also keeps that land thus used from a higher & better purpose, etc.

The cost-per-mile is a handy way of understanding that particular expense, but it has to be related to net income. The more that is tied by by transportation the worse is the situation for a family.

The penalty for lack of walking access (under 2-miles) to grocery, post office, library schools, and governmental offices is huge. It, then, has to be factored back into the home cost which itself must be factored back into the cost of the car.

Cars, per se, have not been the leverage to a better life since 1972. The cost is hidden, and it is subsidized.

Take some time to understand the full range of how your life would be different if it were not required that you have a car.

The cost of fuel is a trifle when placed in context. The availability of fuel is what will be life-changing (by price or literally). MPG is just whist-playing as the drilling & production costs rise.

A long commute is just a good way to waste a good vehicle. Part of what makes too much of America a bad place in comparison to civilized countries.


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