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There doesn't appear to be a simple answer, or one single signal to tap. There is the Quantity Adjuster, N146, that regulates fuel input. And there is the Injection Commencement Valve N108 that specifies the time to inject. On the surface, it sounds like those are the signals to check -- BUT, the docs say that if N108 fails, the pump runs in default mode. So, what then? If the engine can run without it, maybe it's not used all the time, and always receiving a signal?? Also, the Lift Sensor on Injector #3 is what tells the ECU what the Commencement point actually is, and the ECU then uses N108 to fine-tune the Commencement.

At least, that's how i'm reading it. I'm wondering if these pumps are hybrid mechanical-electronic. I think i've seen reports of people sticking older 100% mechanical pumps on these engines. I think...
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