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Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
Motor Oil - A lighter weight motor oil will reduce internal engine friction. The Honda Insight, an excellent example of across the board fuel economy, uses 0w20 motor oil to keep friction down. Do this with caution, however, as lighter oils will increase oil leakage or consumption in more worn engines.
I'm not a fan of the move to 20w. this is more of a move to make the CAFE standards then anything else. Granted the reduction in friction will increase FE but by less then 0.5% over 30w according to ILSAC The oils viscosity is tested at 100 c. which is 212 f (which is where most cooling fans come on) if your running a hotter t-stat and a grill block I think your pushing it a bit. You get a slightly better FE but at the cost of less longevity of your engine. (IMO needs data)

Some of us are still driving automatics ,although that would be something to add to the eco driving list, Get a car with a stick shift. I always change out the ATF with amsoil (I'm not a dealer) due to the hotter engine temperature do to mods.
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