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Your CRX already has a warm air intake that keeps the air going in to the carb at 100-110 degrees, if your warm air intake is missing or not working then it most likely will show this by running really poorly when it's 60F or less out side, you will also risk over heating your engine if you run it like this but it is a popular part to remove by teenagers.
For your warm air intake to work properly you need to make sure that the flexible ductwork going from the exhaust heat shield to the under side of the air intake is intact, if it is missing then the flexible duct designed for under dash heat vents often works very well and is available at auto part stores, next is the vacuum diaphragm that opens the flap, this should hold vacuum that is applied to it, simply sucking on the hose that goes to it should make it pull in/up, if it doesn't do this, or it pushes back out/down then it might have a hole in it and must be replaced, Majestic Honda is the cheapest to get it from, also if you have a vacuum leak in some of the hoses that go to your carburetter then the warm air intake might stop working as well, or the fuel cut off that happens when engine braking might not work, or any number of things that help your engine safe gas, last longer and run better.
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