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If one has silly amounts of cash, Volk wheels might be worth to consider, in Rabbit's size single wheel weight is under 3kg, tires can be heavy too, so one could save a lot of weight with good tire choice.

Replacing rear glass with plexiglass or thin not transparent plastic might be possible, depending regulations on your area.

Problem with cutting the car is that body is self supporting structure without separate chassis so if one would make it more like 2dr short pickup with aero bedcover, that would require some ingenious support structure that would not kill driver when one is rearended by blind fellow motorist.

If driving is at city, weight has meaning, but if highway, then weight has less meaning, in Rabbit's figures, as starting weight is so small, that it is not possible to cut it to half like with some bigger cars it is possible.

In rallying, most crazy ones use acid treatment to make sheetmetal thinner, but they have rollcage and sometimes fibre parts, like hood and front fenders, doors from glassfibre or if money is no object, making those from carbon fibre might provide some weight savings. Gains are however bit questionable, at least at highway.

Suzuki Alto, that is something that was before Geo Metro (early 80's) I believe? Weight something around 600kg, putting rabbit motor to such might be easier and more beneficial as weight reduction of Alto might put it to 500-600kg with rabbit motor and getting rabbit to that weight would be really difficult, also Alto would have less frontal area too, finding one might be challenge though, they did rust a bit. I think Alto is hypermini class or something like that, it is a lot smaller than most others I know, almost any other really.

Besides, nobody will ever miss Alto, but Rabbit is icon, don't cut that.

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