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Disabling intake and exhaust valves (going to 8 valves in a 16-v head)

My original plan was to install a CRX HF camshaft along with the roller rocker arms in my 16-valve Civic Wagon. The HF torque peak is something like 2500 RPM lower than my engine. The HF has only 8 valves, but it's pretty clear that the head is very similar to the 16v head. There are blank spaces where the valves would be.

Unfortunately (and surprisingly) the HF cam has larger lobes that hit the 16v head, so I was unable to install the HF cam. So what I ended up doing was just using the spacers that are used on the HF in place of the missing rocker arms.

So far I like it. It's more responsive and torquey at the very low RPM I usually drive at. I kept overshooting my 2000 RPM shift point. But it will not make it to redline in second gear anymore. It's probably not an ideal setup, since the camshaft wants to make midrange power and the valves won't let it. I'm hoping for an increase in MPG, time will tell.

Not surprisingly, the exhaust is much quieter now.

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