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Originally Posted by LeanBurn View Post
I found I ate less and better foods, drink a lot more water and stayed in shape resulting in more energy. Funny thing is it only cost me 5 extra mins.
This is what bugs me when people adamantly insist that biking or walking will cost them extra in food.

I was a runner for several years, and I biked a lot. Our high-meat western lifestyle means that we already take in many more calories than we need to simply go to work and sit down at a computer every day. The excess is MUCH MORE than enough to fuel your commute. And losing weight and increasing metabolic activity make you leaner and more energy-efficient. When I was running, I'd often have to remind myself to eat more, simply because I got used to eating a lot less.

It would be a different story if you actually lowered your caloric intake (below 2000 calories) when not exercising... but really... who (besides anorexic supermodels) does that?
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