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Undoubtedly... was just wondering if it would make a discernible difference in terms of overall dietary requirements... I guess that depends on how far you have to go.... typically, my walking/biking routes (for work or school) were only a few miles... it would probably be much different if it were a ten mile commute one way.

Interestingly, it's very hard to find concrete figures for how many calories are needed to bike at various paces from one source... because the calculations will vary widely from person to person... but for your purposes, this might come in handy:

Amazing how the total calories plateau if you graph that out from 15-17 mph over a set distance, though that might be partially due to rounding error in the figures... besides... this is triathlon pace... if you're biking to commute only, you will more likely be moving at 10 mph, where you'll be using 30% less (from what I can gather elsewhere).

Of course... you'll probably want to be going a fair bit faster than that!
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