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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Why not just swap the HF head on? It doesn't take long, and you get the proper intake manifold to deal with the required higher air velocity at lower speeds, as well as slightly larger valves than the 16V heads have, which allow better flow at low RPM.

And you can use the HF cam. You can also use your stock electronics to run that head, as long as you only use the head, and don't try to incorporate the recirc valve on the intake manifold.

I also have a complete HF swap I'm selling, if that's something you're interested in. It's currently in Johnson City at a buddy's house.
I would swap the whole head, but the one at the junkyard has been sitting for at least a year with no valve cover or hood. Might be OK, the cam was fine. But it's missing the injectors and possibly other parts. I saw your ad and I'd buy your swap if this poor Wagon wasn't so rusty. I'd look for a better shell, but like Darin, I'm suffering from TMP.

I'm tempted to swap in the HF trans, but I'm scared of gearing that tall in a heavier Wagon that I use like a truck. I'm often wishing for a shorter first gear.
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