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Originally Posted by bnmorgan View Post
I don't know about efficiency, but it sure would help with glare on that monster front porch of a dash. Would love to cover it with solar panels and do something useful, but can't think what it'd be.
Well, in terms of efficiency, I was referring to the A/C's cooling ability. That dash gets absolutely hot as hell and does little for the the coolness of the cabin. I know most don't even use the A/C, but in terms of keeping the cabin cool, it's still relevant, because it's likely that the black dash will send cabin temperatures well above that of ambient temps.

my solution was to get air duct insulation, which is reflective on one side, not too thick and sticky, cover the smooth portions of the dash with this. THEN, i covered up the unsightly-ness of this with a custom new beetle dash cover from Dashmat. yes, there was still a massive glare, but you get used to it, just like the original glare issue. this really improved the feel of the cabin, plus it looked a lot better and made it a lot quieter, too!
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