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Originally Posted by Fat Charlie View Post
Who the hell would buy an untested Kammback?
i'm not sure what you mean in regards to "buy[ing]" or purchasing. perhaps i made a fleeting comment about producing the "device" and how neat it would be (because i don't have the car anymore, i'm completely unwilling to re-read what has already been said. mostly for the reason that my personal time (with the exception of me typing this) is almost always allotted for something i want to do, rather than what someone else thinks i should be doing). or maybe you're mistaking my thread for someone else's.

either way, it's interesting that you mention consumerism. because ultimately, we buy things that have been subject to insufficient testing measures each and every day in other aspects of our lives. because this is a community of like-minded appreciators of science, we hold each other to higher standards of methodology.

chiefly, i have admitted to the erroneous ways of my testing in my kammback project. however, i refuse to apologize for actually getting off my ass and doing something i think everyone here deems worth while. i will not be the subject of scrutiny or persecution continually, as it is not warranted. i also refuse to take down this thread, because i made a few mistakes here and there. i learned something from my experience and i'm under the impression that others have as well...if not, so be it. i've been reassured that others have at very least enjoyed my project in much the same way that i have. i have made the observation that the few scrutinous readers of my project have largely been those who've not attempted projects of their own, ambitious or otherwise.
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