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Where the car stands now

So this is where the car stands now. The car is currently being funded with OT money, so its going pretty slow, but I'm ok with that, dont drive it that much right now, and with the times I drive to work at back, I can P&G without affecting other people. I can routinely get 35mpg+ on the way to work, and 30 back, 5 miles each way, in town. Working on getting my fat butt in shape so I can ride the bike to work, and trying to figure out a way to take lunch to work, so I can stop eating out at work. That will increase the "payload" capacity of the car, and add money to the project from the savings.

As of now, the car has a little bit of engine work done. The power steering pump was gutted and is used as an idler pulley for the A/C. A/C will not be removed, its only may and its already 90+ degrees here every day. There is an aluminum flywheel and 4 puck kevlar sprung clutch. Had the stuff from back in my performance days, but the lighter weight will help with mileage, even if its non-measurable. The exhaust is stock, and the intake, but it does have a set of Crane 12 grind cams in the car, which will be coming out as soon as I get a chance. Eventually the car will need a rebuild, when it does it will be a stock-ish rebuild, with the only additional money going towards getting it super balanced, thermal and friction reducing coatings, and lighter weight rotating and reciprocating parts.

Here is the stock body work.

Here is the cars current condition.

I have also since removed the stock airdam, to see how much it affects cooling. Its know that without this airdam, marginal cooling systems with issues will overheat on the freeway without this piece intact. I'm betting that its creating a vacuum behind it to evacuate air through the radiator, and pressure in front of it. I will be closing off the section between the front bumper and the lower radiator support this weekend, and taking a freeway run to see how it behaves. As long as it stays around 205, I'm ok with that. Stock thermostat is at 195, fans come on at 215. Picture also gives a look at the rough underbody that will need to be taken care of.

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