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^I'd have to disagree with you there. I see more people coasting to a red stop light and less people getting frustrated when they are stuck behind me coasting to a red light. I remember around winter time, almost every time I coasted to a red light, the person behind me would gesture or even cut me off on the way to the light :crazy:. I'm not making this up, I've had people cut me off because I was coasting to a red light. (This means they have to accelerate like crazy and then brake right afterwards.) But I didn't mind because that just gave me someone to semi-draft off of.

I work at a grocery/gas store on the weekends and the same person will come in and out 3-5 times a day not even thinking about how much gas they could have saved by just coming once and getting all of their groceries/cigs at the same time.

So not only do people not do math, but some don't even think. Then they come in complaining about gas prices.

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