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OK, so after a long bit of a break, Maker Faire this past weekend got me inspired to start building things again...

I'm wondering where this thread left off... seems there's been a bit of activity since I left. JellyBeanDriver, it looks like you've taken the reigns a bit in providing the preassembled kits, or are they preassembled?... but yet are shipping outdated code (in my opinion), based on the latest released version. I've made a *huge* number of usability improvements in my latest posted version (don't have the thread at the moment, but it should be on the 1st or 2nd page), better font, an integrated clock and miles-remaining view, etc. Seems no changes have been made in the past year or so to the official code, so it's about time to just "stick a fork in it" and move on elsewhere, if that's where it's been left.

I was really considering getting a 3D printer like a RepRap (Printrbot, to be exact) and "printing" a case/mount for this thing to get it on par with the ScanGauge. My MPGuino -- nay, screw that, I tried talking about it at Maker Faire and had such a hard time pronouncing it -- "OpenGauge", still sits with a piece of duct tape attached to my car's dash after over a year running my upgraded firmware. I never need to change screens because all the critical information is displayed on the "Instant" display - instant MPG, instant MPH, instant GPH, and current MPG. Tab over once to show current MPG/MPH/Gallons/Distance, one more time to show "Tank" stats.

That said, I was considering picking up where the pre-assembled kits left off, but it seems JellyBeanDriver picked that up already. Is there any hole left to fill here? I really like the screw-down wiring instead of the woogy 4-pin connector I have on mine - nice touch.
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