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Originally Posted by FalconFour View Post
JellyBeanDriver, it looks like you've taken the reigns a bit in providing the preassembled kits, or are they preassembled?
preassembled and tested, see here

... but yet are shipping outdated code (in my opinion), based on the latest released version.
Yes, based on the latest released version. Didn't know about your work but I still would have stuck to the released version as that is what the Wiki and a lot of online threads support.

That said, I was considering picking up where the pre-assembled kits left off, but it seems JellyBeanDriver picked that up already. Is there any hole left to fill here?
I socket the ATMega chip and also have the ICSP header on the board. A pair of analog inputs are brought out too if you wanted to stuff the parts. No reason someone cannot reprogram their unit with your code unless you changed the hardware from DCB's 'reference' design.
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