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Originally Posted by JellyBeanDriver View Post
preassembled and tested, see here
Very cool. Well, maybe when I get a RepRap built, maybe I can sell cases for it, or maybe we can work together on selling a full "enclosed" prebuilt set!

Originally Posted by JellyBeanDriver View Post
Yes, based on the latest released version. Didn't know about your work but I still would have stuck to the released version as that is what the Wiki and a lot of online threads support.
I was working on a larger redesign - in fact, a near-full rewrite to be precise - but none of the hardware was changed at all. In fact, the OpenGauge on my dash is the same one shipped to me by dcb over a year ago when I first got it - socketed chip, 20MHz clock and all. I just changed out the LCD for a white-on-blue LCD that turned out to be a bit of a poor design choice (hard to read in daylight). But none of the hardware was changed - just software. I developed it using my 16MHz Arduino Duemilanove and BoArduino boards, so it also has the commented-out "switches" for the different frequencies as well. The development thread for that is here:

edit: The latest (fully assembled) version I'm still running today was posted here:
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