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Originally Posted by j8reign View Post
These are the cells that I am looking at, mostly for price... hopefully they will serve their purpose well.

160Ah, 3C, 3.2V Model: BP-HZPP-160 10.0 x 2.24 x 10.4in
I haven't heard of those cells either. The supplier does show Sinopoly, and I know they are advertising 180AH cells at 12.7 lbs and basically the same form factor as the 160AH. My cells are the 160AH, but I suspect they are actually better than that. You might want to ask that supllier about the 180 cells. That price for those 160AH cells is good. My setup keeps me very close to the 3C limitation at all times. My Soliton Jr controller maxes out at 600 amps. It would be fun to be able to dump 1000 amps for a short period of time. Most cells have a burst rating at 10C for 10 to 15 seconds. I'm finding that my car is very drivable when staying under 500 battery amps. I think if you look for a controller that can deliver 1000 amps you can have some fun, but most of the time you'll be staying under the 3C limit. Higher voltage will allow for you to deliver higher amps at higher RPMs.
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