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only 6 pages -

- and ppl have finally latched onto the fact that the subject of this thread is about hho suplementation. i am beginning to understand why this thread has been moved to the unicorn corral. what i cannot get is why a site that considers itself "alternative" needs such a quarantine - unless grill blocks, cardboard airdams and kamm backs only to be eclipsed by someone placing a gasoline powered generator in the back of a car to create a "hybrid", are the limits of creativity/innovation

found: Fuel-Saver Forums - Fuel Efficiency Technologies
a site more specific to hydrogen use.
also finally met up with someone who did onboard HHO supplementation on a turbodiesel @ 13.8V/8 amps and claimed noticable MPG increase. with that much wasted heat i seriously wonder about any gains...

oil pan:
"I have had very good results with water injection on my diesel.
No need to waste time with HHO.
I am getting at least solid 4% improvement when towing on a very cheaply built rig..."

is this straight up water? or do you add fuel to it? if only water are you suggesting a 4% improvement due to the high EGT readings and resulting increased diesel fuel use you would have without its use?
i have found on diesels aside from the EGT control and tamed flame front (besides some benefit from thermo expansion) it is mainly the cooling that is of benefit but not exactly with significant MPG gains. what is YOUR secret?
it is gassers where water injection has tremendous potential. by manipulating fuel volume and or timing interesting things (MPG) can happen since a spark ignition engine under load is naturally on the verge of pre-ignition. like previously stated i would looooove to play with a CRX HF!

if you would like to see positive effects on MPG and power try propane supplementation!

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