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Drive less save more
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Nice car, but better yet nice motor, 1000km a tank is good, about twice what other economy minded cars gets, all the people i know with 4 cylinders get 400 to 500 km per tank.
My older tdi is rated at 90 hp but i added a fuel pump tuning box that raises the hp to about 120hp and my torque from 150 to 190 ft-lbs.
With it i get 1000km out of 3/4 of a tank using *some* pulse and glide and lots of EOC(engine on coasting) along with 50 psi in the tires and 90 km an hour on freeways and 80 km on highways. All of the above done with care not to disrupt other drivers, which is important to me.

Save gas
Ride a Mtn bike for errands exercise entertainment and outright fun

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