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Bought an Escape Hybrid

I sold my GTO a week and a half ago and bought an Escape Hybrid a few days later. 2006, FWD, 132,000 miles. I haven't driven it yet (stationed in Korea), but my wife loves it and is getting 30-31MPG according to the factory instrumentation in mixed driving. It is mainly my wife's car, so mods will have to be hidden or approved by her.

Planned mods:
Replace the missing trim on the front left fender
Remove the roof racks
Sidewall max psi in the tires (probably down to 40psi while my wife is the main driver, if she complains)
Grille block and cover the fog lights, as unnoticeable as possible
Rear wheel skirts, if I can sell my wife on them
Full/partial belly pan, depending on how smooth it is stock
Small kammback/spoiler, similar to the BMX X3's

Anyone have any other ideas? I'll try to make good use of the hybrid system when I drive it, but I don't expect my wife to do so unless she wants to, so I want to maximize the efficiency at which it goes down the road. I noticed that there's only one Escape Hybrid in the garage here, and I haven't found much about aeromodding Escapes on Google. I might have to be a pioneer for Escape specific mods.

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