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I was considering the front plate holder. I need a front plate, but I could probably mount it directly to the bumper (with some foam in between). There probably isn't much of a difference either way, I'll go with whatever looks best.
Mud flaps will probably go unless they're a pain to remove or the paint is damaged under them. I thought they were standard equipment and that Ford might have designed them to not be air brakes, but it looks like they were probably a dealer add-on.

I'm going to shoot for mileage whenever I drive it. My wife dislikes driving as it is, so I'm not going to pressure her to drive it as efficiently as possible. I will try to give her some tips if there is something easy she can change, though.

From what I've read, the hybrid will also coast in D. It will only regen in L or when applying the brakes. It does have the added advantage that it can kill the engine while coasting.

I have an Ultragauge, but I'll probably get a Scangauge II to see some of the hybrid stuff that's going on. It doesn't have the navigation system, so it only has the little display under the tach to show MPG info. I haven't seen anything to suggest that the average MPG is inaccurate, but the instant MPG display is just a bar graph from bad to good.
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