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Originally Posted by max_frontal_area View Post
what i cannot get is why a site that considers itself "alternative" needs such a quarantine - unless grill blocks, cardboard airdams and kamm backs only to be eclipsed by someone placing a gasoline powered generator in the back of a car to create a "hybrid", are the limits of creativity/innovation
The point is those are proven, on-board electrolysis / HHO / "hydroxy" / Brown's gas or whatever you may call it, simply isn't.
Where's your back-to-back test data ?
Your test methodology ?
Heck, you're not even maintaining a fuel record here so people could see your improvements.

Referring to a forum of a company selling these products doesn't really add to your credibility.

The "Why Skeptics are 'Sure' Hydroxy Boosting doesn't Work " is kinda funny.

When I go reading there, all I read is rubbish like:
"There is also gas going into the engine and it is the gas that fuels the motor, not the hydroxy."

Dude, we KNOW of the beneficial effect of substituting gas or diesel with just about any gas that burns better.

"But, the skeptics keep forgetting, hydroxy isn't used for fuel."
"Earlier I said that hydroxy acts like a catalyst to fuel. "
Catalysts don't get burned in a process.
The H2 does, so it's a fuel, wether you like it or not.

This is the best :
"Word of advise, don't argue and debate with someone who obviously doesn't care to try and understand a technology "

You meet the weirdest people on the 'net, but you don't really know them.
Some of them might actually be smarter than you, or at least smarter than you think they are.

Oh err ...
It doesn't help either when one ends up on a dead link following the "A writeup from NASA", "A writeup on hydrogen and combustion fuel rate" .
Some evidence ... indeed !

Why do I think it's funny ?
Because the entire 2-part article provides bugger all to convince a sceptic.
It's just there to keep the believers happy.
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