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no nickname , it's just a car - '04 volkswagen golf tdi
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02 sensor in chrysler has around 25% FT authority

02 sensor in chrysler has around 25% Fuel Trim authority
before the system will set DTC s for rich or lean condition
some have even greater authority depending on the system ... unlike VW .

with such a huge correction authority available rich or lean condition DTCs in crysler are rare
in my experience

on speed density systems
( systems with MAP sensor and not MAF sensors )
intake manifold leaks at the manifold to cyl head area can cause misfires
and may not have too much effect on
MR or MRS MAP sensor 's input depending on weather or not the leak reduces
MAP pressure or intake vacuum in the intake

VW will set FT limit DTCs at 12%
older CIS systems were very sensitive to vacuum leaks at the injector or intake to cyl head seal area
CIS systems had no 02 sensor therefore , no Fuel trim correction .
that began with CIS/E such as it was .
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