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My problem with some people who come in all innocent first posting, "Gee Golly Wally...Have you ever tried that HHO?? I hear you can really get some nifty results from it, But I'd sure like to find out more!"

These people have indeed been "Experts" (meaning they have a web site and are trying to sell you something) on the subject and are just playing stupid to keep the conversation active. With a link to their site to the post here and 20-150 responses, it ups their Google search score so they are closer to the top of the list.

I make sure I respond negatively so anyone doing research may find my comments and get second thoughts about spending $200 for plans and a "Supercharged Excitation Module" for their HHO system.

So yeah, I’m not giving him the benefit of the doubt anymore than a judge would give a defendant the benefit for showing up in court while drunk for a DUI trial. Walk into a room full of Astronomers and tell them you have it on good authority that the Earth is flat. Walk into a room full of Doctors and tell them you don’t take vaccines because they cause autism.

BTW, Who tagged this? Was it the Innocent "don't know nothin bout no computers" autotech?
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