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Project 1977 F100 - Aero + Tuneup = new PB!

Hi guys,

some of you may have seen my previous car that introduced me to the ecomodding path to enlightenment :P (1993 Barina, link to thread in my sig)

Well last week i traded it in for a more suitable shop truck/tow vehicle, and here she is:

1977 Ford F100, 2wd, 4sp manual, complete with duel fuel petrol/LPG system on the factory 351ci V8

my goal is to match (ultimatly beat) the fuel costs of my old Barina due to the price of LPG being half that of petrol in my area, this means i need to get around 18mpg on LPG

before the ecomodding starts it needs a bit of a tidy up/service and a baseline mpg set.

40+ years of owners has left a bit of a mess in the electrical department and first on my list was to pull all of the wiring out and remove the random useless stuff and fix the factory loom before adding in some of my own goodies

after cutting a few cable ties heres what i was faced with:

the factory fusebox wasnt secured anymore and had no cover or lables, not to mention more than half the fuses missing, there were also 4 switches on the dash that did nothing as far as i could tell and many little things such a the interior light didnt work, so out came the dash and the whole interior loom:

once i removed all this useless mess:

the loom looked like this:

so i got to replacing the fusebox with a new and much more modern block of standard blade fuses:

i also added in a couple of new circuits for an audio system and thermo fan to replace the fixed mechanical one (not even a clutch fan :O)

i then started on a new facia to house the factory speedometer and aftermarket tacho, water temp, vacuum and oil press gauges as well as a full assortment of LED warning lights, new audio system, voltage guages and new switches for wipers, headlights, and other goodies

tommorow i will continue the wiring overhaul this time in the engine bay and hopefully get the facia closer to being in the car

thanks for looking


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(Posted in 2012) 1977 F100 Project:

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