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My current tank isn't looking great at around the halfway mark, maybe 50 MPG. But that's with a lot of almost-normal driving on a trip. I'm planning to fill up so I can start over. It's hard to test mods with no MPG readout, especially when most of my percent above EPA comes from driving style. But even 50 MPG is impressive for a car that used to get 38. I should drive a tank without hypermiling to see how the mods alone help, but I don't think I remember how to drive normally.

I do wonder if it's running rich with less airflow. But then I wonder if there really is less airflow. Obviously there is at 5000 RPM and full throttle, but at 2000 RPM with the throttle barely open, I'm wondering if the throttle plate is more of a restriction than the disabled valves.

I was back at the junkyard and looked at the HF head. It doesn't have much of an oil retaining wall like my 16V engine. I guess with roller rockers, the cam doesn't need to sit in a pool of oil. So I could cut away the part that interferes with the cam lobes, I just need to figure out how to do it without getting metal pieces all over the head and in the oil.

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