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I just tried pulse and glide on my way to work this morning. I hadn't read this post or too much on the subject yet, but I guess I was doing it exactly right. I had the biggest grin on my face the first time I instinctually let off the clutch in fifth and the engine sparked back to life. The grin was from two things, one) how it came naturally to me without thinking and two) how smoothly it happened. I only did it on surface streets for the last mile to work, but jeez - I'm addicted. Can't wait to see what I can accomplish on my drive home tonight. I'm going to make a stop at gas stations before and after to find out.

One hang up in the process, I turn the ignition key to kill the motor - but then I have to turn it forward a click for my turn signals to work again and have it "cocked" for restarting. It's a bit awkward to reach for the key, is this where the Fuel Injector shut off switches I've heard about make the process more natural? What are the popular mods for improving the process?

(I'm using my 93 Civic DX HB, not the Metro Convertible at the moment)
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