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95.Saturn sw1 highway entry, what to do with automatic? performance mode?

Anyone know the best way to get up to 65 to safely merge with this car and not waste gas? I don't know the open loop point so just stay under 50% throttle and have tried the performance mode switch which changes shift points. The best we have gotten is 2moro mpg highway at the recommended tire pressure and the car runs great only 87k miles from the original owner with a good filter. The only issue is the muffler is rotted out so I don't know how the lack of back pressure affects gas mileage. A new one is on the way.

It's a sohc 4 speed with 100HP 1.9l and odb 0. I don't know if it has torque converter lockup or how that even works. My 98 Acura Integra gs-r sedan with 145k gets 33mpg overall or more without getting into the vtec high rpm load lobes. Of course I do coast to a stop somewhat and stay out of open loop with an ultra gauge. It's odb2 with a 1.8l and 180HP with a 5 speed stick. It gets on the highway much easier as it's unfortunately geared for acceleration. It runs 3.5k rpm at 70mph where the Saturn is at 2.4k. It does have iridium plugs, napa synthetic oil and Amsoil synthetic transmission fluid where the Saturn has fresh standard plugs, oil, and unknown atf which I plan to change. The previous owner seemed to take care of it as it had receipts for oil and coolant change plus plugs last year as well as new tires and idler pulley plus belt.

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