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I still haven't found out the workings of the speed controler from the first post I did find out that the fan's speed may not be 2 step, but a smooth increase between min and max speed.
Shortly after starting this thread I hooked a pair of small wires to the fan's socket, and the other end to an LED on the dash to indicate when the fan is on. The LED was always on, which means that there is always voltage in the fan's supply. I checked that when the engine is running there is 14V between the fan's leads. Apparently, not enough current to get it going, though.
So my new question is: Can I wire the LED to the fan's supply so that it is on only when the fan is spinning, ie only when there is enough current to make it spin? And can it be done so that the LED doesn't burn out when the fan goes to a higher speed? Ideal would be changing the LED's color depending on speed, but that may be too much.
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